This is my personal story.

November 2008 in Colorado was a warm sunny day. Little did I know it would be the last day of my life, - my old life. I was involved in a near fatal accident and subsequently in a 12 day long coma on life support. To the world outside I lay in a motionless coma, yet on the inside I was on a journey of awareness and learning that transformed my very being.

I am not a professional writer or author, just an ordinary woman who has a fabulous story to share. It is this book written over the course of the following year that follows the spiritual awakening of my heart and soul and how all of this new "knowing" was processed into my daily life.

It is a story that I am now led to share with others.

In 2011 I was featured on Biography's Channel: I Survived...Beyond and Back but they aired what was only a portion of my real story. My book- While I Was Out...tell yu the rest of that story

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wow It has been a very long time since I have been to this blog site, shame on me. But so much has transpired within my life, my heart and soul over the last year that I have been busy keeping up with it all in real time.

So now I will turn once again to the page and words that may find their way there. I feel that during my NDE back in 2008 I would have to say that I had been dropped rather suddenly into enlightenment, and for how ever long it lasted it was just plain awesome beyond words!
But.....of course, one has to come down sometime, so PLUNK- there I was back in the shell of a vehicle that I have lived in all my life, only this time there seemed to be two parts of me. One still knew and was somewhere in that enlightened state of being, and the other, the earthly part of me was thrust back into a searching soul who now has to somehow bring these two parts together.

I don't think it is the destination that matters most now, I feel it is the willingness to take the journey. I know the love of the essence we call God and I know that I am loved right where I stand on that pathway of my journey. Day by day and bit by bit over the last three years I have been getting to know who I really am-Spirit. It has certainly been a daunting task at times, as old habits do die hard that's for sure. But alone in my quiet times, I have been able to go to a place I had dared not visit before, the inside of the real me, and here I have slowly been forming a relationship with that "me" and also the Creator of that me, -the force that we call God.

As I go along I want to now reach out and share a bit more with others. For so many that I have spoken and shared with over the last few years, are, like me, looking to find what we can to make our journey within this life a bit happier, easier, and more fruitful in contribution to the universe. If anyone reads this I say -welcome, share with me if you feel so led. If not, well just drop in from time to time and take a peek, its all good :-)


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